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Could you provide game creation templates, similar to how PUSH provides canva temnplates for the 2-page and the a5 booklet formats? That would help immensely, especially for a lot of us who are overthinkers and/or suck at graphic design.

It reminds me of Otherkind and Ghost/Echo.

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An interesting evolution to the original Caltrop Core system. EX gives tools and insights gained by the designer's own work with the original system. This makes it more honed. It fleshes out the d4 system by making every result meaningful without sidelining the highest result in your pool.

I'm looking forward to creating with this. And looking forward to what people will make with it too.

It's the macross missile massacre of SRDs.


Cleanly written, nicely presented and with a huge amount of potential. I can't wait to get to work.

Thank you so much!!!!