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This looks awesome! Now I just have to convince my friends to play with me, haha.
One question though, when you roll multiple dice for a move (by spending tokens), do you take the highest value or consult the table for each one?


Still take the highest! And I'm so glad you like it! I'm starting to test and it needs some work (a lot of work lol), the first change being it really does need a GM haha. But if you play and have any feedback, I'd love to hear it!!

I will! Would the game still be possible to play without a GM? I like the idea of having other players dictate what happens and it generally being a very off-the-wall experience.


Honestly, give it a shot! There's just a lot of crunch that I think would be helpful to have a GM for. It was kind of rough when I played it haha. But PLEASE give it a try and let me know how it goes!!

Dating Sim/ Fighting is a wonderful fusion~!!! 

Thank you so much!!

This is so good, just download it. The dating sim elements are *thoroughly* spicy, and the fighting mechanics are a totally ingenious distillation of the fundamentals of classic 2D fighters, as solid as you'll find anywhere. This is GOTY material, if you ask me. 

omg thank you so much, this is so nice!! I really tried to do a proper tribute to the fun mechanics I like in fighting games! I can still add more for get-up situations, but this should be good for now!!

I think the mechanics look great as is, although I'll keep an eye out in case you add new stuff later on. Thanks for making this! Btw, I love that two of the three super moves are about relationship melodrama--just perfect.