A downloadable game

4 subclasses to inject some Avatar goodness into your D&D 5e games while we wait for the full release of Avatar Legends!

PLUS I've created a brand new mechanic for 5e: the Metaclass, which lets you actually play the avatar in D&D!

All 100% FREE.

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  1. Firebender Fighter
  2. Airbender Monk
  3. Waterbender Cleric
  4. Earthbender Barbarian
  5. Avatar Metaclass rules

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5e x Avatar.pdf 4 MB


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You are an absolute dream, thank you so much for this!

This is absolutely fantastic!

The concept of a "metaclass" needs to be picked up officially. The way it's written and implemented is flawless.

I can't wait to introduce this into my table.


Oh my gosh, that's so kind, thank you for downloading and leaving such a wonderful comment!