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10 Pokémon-inspired subclasses for 5e! It's 100% free because there's so much IP here I don't own haha.

(But if you enjoy what you find in here or just want to support me, go ahead and click here to buy my very first game: https://titanomachyrpg.itch.io/placehood-a-game-of-mutual-exploration. It's $1 and great for date night or shooting your shot with a TTRPG cutie.)


  1. Lugia Monk
  2. Shedinja Sorcerer
  3. Scizor Rogue
  4. Clefable Paladin
  5. Eevee Druid
  6. Dragonite Paladin
  7. Gyarados Barbarian
  8. Aegislash Monk
  9. Porygon Artificer
  10. Mewtwo Wizard
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