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Ever feel like 5e's subclasses aren't WEIRD enough?

Finally. I rounded up all my WILD 5e subclasses in one place.  The non-fandom-inspired ones anyway. 21 subclasses to go ape shit at your table.

With such hits as...

The Minor Patron Sorcerer

The Necrodancer Bard

The Linkin Park Barbarian


Table of Contents:

  1. Monk: Way of the Falling Star
  2. Sorcerer: Heavy Soul
  3. Wizard: School of Machination
  4. Rogue: Silencer
  5. Bard: Wayfarer
  6. Fighter: Commoner
  7. Artificer: Arcane Technician
  8. Sorcerer: Minor Patron
  9. Bard: Necrodancer
  10. Fighter: Fencer
  11. Cleric: Grief Domain
  12. Cleric: Dragonkeeper Domain
  13. Rogue: Ghostdrake
  14. Druid: Circle of Patterns
  15. Bard: Princess
  16. Cleric: Antimagic Domain
  17. Rogue: Loamroamer
  18. Fighter: Fairywitch Knight
  19. Warlock: The Seraph
  20. Barbarian: Path of Healing Fury
  21. Wizard: Mechamage
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Banger supplement. Also, I am terrified to ever have a player make a Minor Patron Sorcerer. I will definitely be allowing these subclasses at my table though.

Fun stuff! I love wonky DnD stuff