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This is an amazing game. Best TTRPG experience I personally had. It was heartfelt and easy to get into.

The loneliness together with the bonds you create really sparks intimate roleplay.

While the creatore surely gives you tons of freedom, I am pretty sure you are going to place the setting in a bar, it is just too perfect.

Just played a game with some friends and it's great! The writing is so immersive. We used this to create an "episode" about NPCs in a campaign I am running and it helped flesh out all their characters really well.  Also, have to say, the formatting and design of the book as a whole is impeccable. Both engaging and easy to read. Thanks so much for making it!

Thank you so much!! I'm really proud of NIGHTHAWKS, and to see people getting a lot out of it makes me so happy. Thanks again for playing!!

This right here? Good shit.

Our creator seems fully aware of the challenge of playing with the idea of isolation in so fundamentally social a framework, but I think those comes through with the goods. If you've a hankering to explore fragments of soft tragedy in the vein of shows like Midnight Diner, long for the regrets that you might have conjured in games like Poutine or are just desperate to see layout composed of any imaginable configuration of the titular painting... I cannot stress enough, GET ON THIS.

I love it's exploration of folks lonely together in between spaces they can't really be themselves. I think it's got a lot in it to enjoy.

Oh my goodness, thank you so much. Even though is one of my earlier games, I'm still super proud of it. I'm really glad you liked it!!



Ahh thank you!!!

I really enjoyed the interstitial philosophy and the theming and just the sheer coherence of the whole thing. With everything that's been going on the last few years and the whole world as it is, this is getting put right at the top of my "let's do a one-shot tonight" list for my main group.

Thank you so much, I'm so glad! It felt a little indulgent to add all the interstitial stuff, but it felt right for this game. I hope you enjoy it with your group!

It really tied the theme together for me reading through. And the way the layout messed with it at times, it just brought the whole "trapped in a liminal space" idea full circle. Added voice to the mechanics.