1-page mecha TTRPG for 2-6 players
the burger... it grows (a surreal solo ttrpg)
TTRPG where you lose 1 hp every second of real time
abstract horror interactive poem (visual novel)
Interactive Fiction
Free, open license fantasy SRD for TTRPGs
An Introductory TTRPG Design SRD
An alternate take on the Caltrop Core SRD
For TTRPGs you design as you play.
GMless pixelcore vertical hexcrawl #CaltropCore
A TTRPG about loneliness.
1-page LUMEN anarchist power fantasy
Multi-modal system-agnostic pseudo-OSR adventure starter and GMless micro TTRPG
A Surrealist Game About Time
Find love. Kick ass. Fighting game/dating sim TTRPG (built on Caltrop Core)
A Game of Mutual Exploration
A New Class for the Slayers RPG
The Unofficial Street Sharks TTRPG
Avatar-inspired subclasses (and one metaclass) for D&D 5e!
Pokémon-inspired subclasses for 5e!
5 free Smash Bros-inspired subclasses for D&D 5e

All Caltrop Core Games (+CCEX+EMERGE8)

Check out all the awesome games people are making with #CaltropCore! And welcome Caltrop Core EX and EMERGE8 to the SRD family! Here's where all games built on my systems will be collected. If you don't see your game here, please let me kno...

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